A little bit of history…

Steeped in tradition, the site inspires reflection and contemplation

The story begins in 1930 when a retreat was built amid the greenery of lands belonging to the local archdiocese. Due to its sublime tranquillity, the site was chosen as a residence for seminary students from Lyon who came to study philosophy. Over the decades, this haven became a place of peaceful contemplation, wel-coming guests and organisations of a religious nature (priests, lay people, church meetings, spiritual retreats) as well as more secular events such as union meetings and early professional training sessions.

With the new millennium, a new era began. In 2005, the Archbishop of Lyon, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, decided to open the estate to a wider audience by creating a more customary hotel and restaurant service, while also maintaining the tradition of receiving religious delegations.

Thus, toward the end of 2008, after two years of re-novations and a profound makeover, the Domaine Lyon Saint-Joseph unveiled its new look. With exquisite spaces, finecraftsmanship, and a warm, modern de-cor, the hotel has adopted a contemporary ambiance while remaining loyal to the estate’s history. Special attention has been devoted to the outside spaces: a flwer garden in the courtyard and a landscaped par-king lot were designed to be in perfect harmony with the natural environment.

By 2015, the 8000 m2 hotel was home to 100 rooms, a restaurant, a business centre, meeting rooms, and a chapel. The grand renovations and the staff’s meticulous attention to detail allows the hotel to pamper guests and offer them a veritable sanctuary of calm that is perfectly adapted to the needs and desires of today’s clientele.

This former seminary has been transformed into a modern and well-appointed hotel with a distinct and unmistakable cachet. The seminarians of yore have given way to a diverse new clientele that includes business people, community organizations, religious groups, families, and individual travellers.

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